Core to our Business is our relationship with Bonnefield as their representative for property acquisitions in South West Ontario. This is a privilege that we take very seriously.

Bonnefield is the largest farmland investment and property manager in Canada. They provide farmland lease financing with the goal to preserve farmland for farming; a goal we share.

If you are a farm operator or know of a farmer who wants to expand or phase out, we can help.

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Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP IV held its initial closing in June 2016 with a $60 million commitment from a Canadian institutional investor. Subsequent closings are expected to be held in the coming months.
Coincident with the first close of LP IV, Bonnefield completed deployment of Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP III, a $261 million fund that was raised in 2014. With its final investment now completed, LP III becomes the most valuable and most diversified portfolio of Canadian farmland ever assembled and the only portfolio with a coast-to-coast presence in Canada, having partnered with 53 farmers from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.


JoAnne Philip